Diversity Committee

Membership in this committee does not require EAPA membership, however, EAPA membership is encouraged. Our primary goals are as follows:

  • Expand our awareness of and sensitivity to various groups and cultures.
  • Become aware of diversity issues in the workplace. These may include work styles and expectations; ways of relating to supervisors, customers and peers; literacy and safety issues; and communication within and outside of one’s own culture.
  • Understand the effectiveness of various treatment interventions as they relate to diversity concerns (e.g., group vs. individual therapy, family involvement, verbal and non-verbal cues, self-help groups, admission and discharge issues).
  • Share special community resources with each other and with the chapter that are available to people of diverse cultures.
  • Explore training options regarding diversity and sensitivity, including speakers, techniques, and materials.
  • Be open not only to recognizing groups but also recognizing people as individuals with their own values, norms, and personal or family cultures. Help people develop a sense of identity within their own diverse groups, enhanced through learning about the cultures and issues of others.
  • Recognize stereotyping. Look at ways and places where this is exhibited. Become aware of one’s own biases.
  • Understand diversity from a historical perspective.
  • Participate in community activities and events that will provide firsthand experience with various aspects of diverse ethnic and cultural groups.
  • Develop a library of written, audio-visual, and Internet articles, etc., for use by chapter members. Link with the EAPA International Ethnic and Cultural Concerns Committee (ECC) and the ECC groups of other chapters for ideas and support.