Wellness Committee

Chairperson: Nancy Lynn Smith
Email: NLSmith@magellanhealth.com

Our Wellness goal is to empower people to make positive decisions which lead to improved wellness from the inside out.

According to Aurora’s Wellness Connection from December, there are seven components of wellness which each of us need, to be healthy and happy.  I thought I’d share this with all who enter our website…are you healthy and well? If not, why not? Is this the year you begin to change the areas of your life with which you are unhappy?

Seven Components of Wellness

Emotional Wellness
Accepting and managing your feelings, including your ability to understand your limitations, navigate through stressful situations and maintain healthy relationships with others.

Environmental Wellness
Having places in which to live and work, which are safe for you, emotionally and physically.

Intellectual Wellness
Participating in creative, stimulating, growth-oriented activities, it involves learning new skills, and sharing that knowledge and skills with others.

Physical Wellness
Managing your physical health on a daily basis, including your activity level and weight.

Social Wellness
Contributing to one’s environment and community, Emphasizing the interdependence between others and nature.

Vocational Wellness
Feeling satisfied with the field of work you’ve chosen, allowing self fulfillment, and growth.

Spiritual Wellness
Finding meaning and purpose in your life, and defining a value system from which to function.