February 2009 e-MemberNews

Posted Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

This month’s exciting and informative articles include:

  • Don’t Miss the Deadline! Submit your Proposal for the 2009 World EAP Conference in Dallas!
  • We Know You’re Special! Now Tell the World
  • EAPA Establishes New EA Research Listserv – Join Now!
  • Join EAPA’s New Workplace Disaster Preparedness Listserv!
  • What Would You Like to Learn in 2009?
  • EAPA’s Tech Survey – the Results Are In!
  • 2/5/09 Webinar – Web Secrets for EAP and Mental Health Professionals
  • 2/12/09 Webinar – Embedding the EAP Within the Organization’s Culture
  • 2/19/09 Webinar – Generations in the Workplace
  • When They’re Gone, They’re Gone! Only 40 EA Law Desk Books Left!
  • Welcome to the Newest Members of EAPA!
  • Ask The President


Plus, registration for the 2009 Greater Wisconsin EAPA Conference is now available online ยป